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More than 33 Years of Experience in Agriculture

N. Madhu Balan
Assistant Director of Agriculture, Retd

About Me !

During my government service, I worked as agriculture field officer for more than 25 years, as quality control officer for 5 years and also I gained experience in Ag-mark marketing for five years.During my service, I had a lot of interaction with a variety of farmers and I have made onsite visit to their fields which helped me to understand their practical difficulties and provide good solutions. I decided to pass on the knowledge that I have gained all through these years to the next generation. This encouraged me to render my wholehearted service  to create awareness and spread the knowledge among the farmers and general public who are interested in learning about agriculture. As I have visualized the drawbacks of using chemical fertilizers and pesticides to the land as well as to the environment I was strongly motivated towards organic farming.

Vivasayam Karkalam - Mr.N.Madhubalan, Asst.Director Agriculture (Retd)

100% Responsive

Moreover, I found a lot of educated youngsters who want to  bring a change and work on getting rid of the complaints on loss in crop cultivation. In the internet world the fastest way to reach youngsters and interested people is through the web world. This inspired me the idea of creating a Facebook page named as  “ VIVASAYAM KARKALAM  ” meaning let us learn agriculture. I started this Facebook page in 2012 and slowly  lot of people started to show their interest in this Page and now I have around 21,000 active members and in my personal page 17,803 followers..
Since there is lot of welcome to this face book, I decided to go for website which I think , it will definitely help the modern media farmers to make use of the contents I have collected and delivered. In the website I have given latest Agriculture technologies, terrace garden technology with videos, radio talks, webinars I conducted, success stories articles published , experience gained during my travel to many countries.
Usage of simple and local language to explain the agricultural technology attracted lot of people and also had a bigger impact on the farming community. Through this web site I am able to reach thousands of people every day very easily. They use to share their experiences, problems, agriculture prospects, production of quality agricultural products and also on the possibilities of export opportunities.

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My agriculture related articles are getting published in local newspapers and agriculture book publications.  I am getting frequent calls from readers and I am able to clarify their doubts through a phone conversation and I consider this as a big success for my initiative.  I was also on air through FM radio station and my speech about the preparation of organic solutions to wipe out the pest and crop diseases had a warm welcome among the listeners. I have also recorded the speech on a compact disc and made it available for interested people. I am giving speeches in farmers meetings, teachers gatherings , fertilizer dealers about various field technologies.  
I am owning a terrace garden and I have shared my experience in air about terrace gardening and many listeners have shown keen interest in making their own terrace garden with organic farming methods. I am also arranging regular webinars with experts talking about terrace gardening and organic fertilizers. As only 100 participants can join in the meeting we are looking at alternate ways to increase the number of participants and also we are releasing the recorder webinar in Facebook and other social media platforms to make it available for all. I was honored in “PUDIYADOR ULAGAM SEIVOM” from Podhigai television for motivating people in agriculture and organic farming.

More than 30+ Experience

The Technical Team, Head.

I  am R. R. Suseela . I completed agriculture graduation and joined as Agriculture officer in state agriculture department at the age of 22 years. Worked in Pesticide lab, soil testing lab and fertilizer control laboratories. My promotion as Assistant Director in Horticulture department and then worked as Agriculture PA to Collector for 4 years in Dharmapuri district. I then got promotion as Joint Director of Agriculture and worked in Dharmapuri and Ramnad district and retired last year February 2019. I have lab and field experience  more than 35 years in department .

More than 30+ Experience

The YouthTeam, Head.

I am M. Harri Prakash, MBA , CEO at RSR Content Creations Pvt Ltd. I am Voluntarily working as heads the youth team and work execution team of Vivasayam Karkalam.

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More than 30+ Experience

The Digital Team, Head.

I am Mrs. Kavitha, MS (South Korea) ,  UI/UX designer, Expert in Designing and developing the websites. I am Voluntarily working as Heads of the Digital Team , Maintaining all the digital contents of Vivasayam Karkalam in all platforms. I have developed this website in Webflow.

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