Usually we take a break in our hectic work schedule of life to go anywhere to take rest in a peace, calm , ecofriendly places for few days. It energizes our body , mind and refreshes our life. The fresh air , the green vegetation, birds chirpings, sun shine , water sounds make us that we live in a different world. But it is envious to know that Thiru. Umesh with his family enjoying this life for the past 8 years .That is a very remote village called Gummalapram , near Denkanikottai taluk of Krishnagiri district. He moved to this village after his retirement.

He is basically an engineer and his wife is a doctor and have no experience of agriculture at all when he chose that village life.



       I R R Suseela with my husband Mr .N Madhubalan visited farm  of Mr. Umesh  and much surprised to see that he has not at all taken any steps in an organized develop his land. But nature itself has taken steps to develop his farm. We could  learn that, if we simply allow the nature in its way , wonders can happen. He has built a eco friendly house in the center of the farm with the available items of his farm .His visitors have made the house  a nice look with their smart paintings . Varieties of trees are there like teak, silver oak, neem  trees  for wood value . Fruit trees like mango, guava ,jumbo butter fruit, jack fruit ,banana  give him good yield. Tamarind trees , moringa, coconut , curry leaf tree, bay leaf tree, cashew trees , amla and citrus trees are also there.

The mango trees like bangalura, malgova, banganapalli, alphonsa give him sufficient yield in spite of rain fed condition and without fertigation. He has not ploughed the land for the past years and all grasses and weeds form a good soil crop coverage. Natural crop coverage act as mulch which conserve soil moisture and we saw still moisture inside the soil when we stirred the soil. The dried leaves itself has given natural  rich organic fertilizer. In summer the grasses dry and termites fully engage themselves in eating them and large numbers of termite mounds were found. We were surprised to learn that termites don’t infest trees since they get sufficient food on the land itself.

He showed the newly added plants like curry leaf plants, sandals , because of birds. Many birds come to their field trees to rest and live and morning and evening time is wonderful with birds sounds.  There are place for squirrels, rats, snakes, mongoose, rabbits also. He never disturbs the nature , but takes only the output of the trees. He has planted bamboo seedlings as live fence . Naturally bamboo grows very fast and gives good oxygen to the environment.

Moreover so many bee hives were found on the trees and we can hear the sound of bees collecting honey from flowers good supporter for pollination. He is getting good income from his  big  tamarind trees for his simple nature life.  He grows variety of guavas ,custard apples and elakki ie local variety banana.


    He maintains a small kitchen garden growing some vegetables with the used water of his house. His house is constructed with the rocks available in their land  . He is away from modern media and machineries.

       His land is full of undulations and ponds are there formed  naturally.. The four rain water harvesting pits filled for the fourth time this year on the month of October. Totally more than 15 lakh liters of water flowing through our land from outside has been harvested this year. Even a drop of water is not wasted in the farm but stored in the farm  pond itself He rears traditional livestock supports the organic content to the soil. The animals  goes on independently to take graze the farm freely.

Mr. Umesh spend his daily routine activity by going round the farm taking brush cutter and cut the over grown weeds and thorny plants. He is adding new tree saplings to the empty areas and irrigating them with the available water in their bore wells.  

Mr. Umesh is very generous to promote the nature lovers to come to their farm and  shares his experience with them. There are so many visitors to his farm , where he motivates them towards nature. Many companies like DELL organize their get together to learn nature’s ecofriendly concept. They conducted mass planting of tree saplings in the empty places found in the farm

Mr. Umesh simple life of mingling with nature reminds us Rishis and sages of older time. Let us learn a lot  from them.  

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