Last year in August 2019, we were in Regensburg, Germany staying in daughter’s home enjoying the cool summer . Germans enjoy summer season driving bicycles ,scooters and other two-wheelers, wearing

short loose cotton clothing and enjoying tours to other European countries nearby . They do trekking and mountain climbing with family and friends. They could not do this in the frost winter season since other months

they have to cover fully to bear the low temperature . We were surprised to see the summer day period extended till 9 pm .There was lot of time to spend in the lush of greeneries and site seeing .The summer climate here is

around 22 to 24 degrees Celsius ,very pleasant for perfect out door pleasure trip. Generally travelling teaches us more than the knowledge we gain from education. We can learn a lot from mother nature,

countries , their culture, , languages while travelling. We planned a picnic to a private horticulture farm in Regensburg which was about 3 km on the outskirts of the city.

The climate was very excellent that we decided to go by walk. All the way the woods, green pastures, bushy rose plants were a great treat to eyes. We reached the farm and happy to see so many people with

families enjoying the orchard. We went inside the Organic horticulture farm paying no entrance fee. Inside the orchard , the visitors can eat fruits as much as they like. It was a great surprise for us.

In that horticulture farm, we saw blueberries, Ras berries, strawberries plants grown in long neat rows. I think it is a mobile fruit garden, can be shifted to any other farm also, since those plants were raised in very

big pots. A drip irrigation system was provided to supply water and nutrients.

The plants were full of fruits and even children can pluck from the ground. They gave empty baskets and carry bags to the visitors at the entrance . We started plucking the fruits as

soon as we entered the garden . It’s an experience that taking fruits directly from plants and tasting. These type of orchards are common in western countries .But it was very exciting for us that we ran, danced, sang,

chatted while selecting the best fruits in the plants. We tasted blueberries, Ras berries, strawberries one by one. Fruits are naturally low in fat, sodium, and calories. None have cholesterol. Fruits are sources of many

essential nutrients like  potassium,  fiber, vitamin C, and folic acid which help to maintain healthy life. When we felt it is sufficient, we started collecting fruits in baskets.

We also saw cherry tomatoes, gherkins, Brinjal, corn in the green poly house. The cherry tomatoes were very cute and hanging in bunches. Maize crops were grown in the main field and we plucked e and tasted it

happily. It took more than three hours inside the garden.

The fruits and vegetables collected in the orchard by us were billed in the shop at the entrance. All varieties of fruits, vegetables along with value- added products like juice, jelly, jam, squash were

available in the shop. People like to purchase the new fresh organic byproducts sold at a reasonable rate. Finally, another curiosity was waiting for us. An open restaurant amidst a garden with a play area for the

children was there and children jumped into that as soon as they saw it. The flavor of cakes, colorful ice creams with hot pasta and Pizza attracted all. A good space was provided to prepare the items then and there and to

serve using the organic greens available in the garden.

It was really very delicious and mouthwatering. They entertained the people to the orchard without any gate entrance fee and asked the people to taste the fruits there. It is really fantastic. We can eat fruits only

from half to one kg at the maximum which will differ even less from children to adults. This will not be a big expense to the owner or farmer. By this system, she attracts many more people to this picnic spot. Now the

earning starts from the exit gate. They bill the plucked organic vegetables brought in baskets by the visitors. The fruits and vegetables along with the value-added byproducts are also kept in the shop attract and bring

more business to the farmer. Finally, the cakes, biscuits, and snacks available in the shop fetch good profit to the farmer. The most appreciable factor is that the farmer can shift the site of the orchard from one town to another

at any time.

Traveling – it leaves you speechless, then turns you into a storyteller.” – Ibn Battuta. ..

We can learn the business and marketing techniques in farming system. I have narrated the story from the point of the consumer. So hard working in the land is not enough to make good profit but necessarily

need modernized thought like this. When I shared this experience , I got response from a coconut farm owner asking whether it is possible that he can convert his farm like this. I suggested that it is a very good idea that he

can make it in his coconut garden. A small shop to deliver all by products like tender coconut, coconut milk, sweets , oil , coir pith etc .He can form small play area for children and can use tree climbers coconut leaf

weaving techniques, small swimming pool , fountains, some more fruit trees. There is possibility that many farmer can think of this and start this taking into account of ideal location of the farm.

 “Don't listen to what they say, go see” ~ Chinese Proverb. ...

How to Reach

Flights to Munich (Germany) are available from Chennai and Bengaluru. Mostly there will be a transit flight depending on the airlines chosen. You can reach Regensburg by plane, train, bus or car. There is no

airport in Regensburg. It takes an average of 1 hour 29 minutes to travel from Munich Airport Terminal to Regensburg main railway station by train, over a distance of around 48 miles (77 km). Daily 42 trains

operate from Munich Airport Terminal to Regensburg main railway station and tickets for this journey start from €17.90 when you book in advance. It takes about 20 to 30 minutes from the main railway station to the berry farms.

There are also many other attractions in Regensburg.

Do refer this website for more details. /regensburg-d-ba-reg.htm

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