One fine day we received our daughter and grand children at Bangalore airport who came from

Germany. The journey to home from airport by car takes 3 hours time. After short refreshing ,

we started our journey . Surprise came to me by the excitement of the children on seeing animals

cows, goats, pigs ,buffaloes etc roaming around in the town as well in the villages we crossed .

I thought why these children react like this .We know that it is very common in our

country to see these animals wherever we go. When we visited Germany , our son-in-law told

us that there is a zoo nearby and we can have good time there with children. We took snacks

and juices with us and reached that place.

That zoo was situated in hillock area ,very pleasant and surrounded by trees and pastures.

We were surprised to see only the domestic animals like sheep, goat, pigs, cows, horse,

birds and rabbits rearing in separate zones .

We saw many children with their parents running happily here and there, feeding the animals.

The feed were kept near the areas . At first children hesitated to go near the animals. When

other children were feeding joyfully , they also gathered courage and start enjoying.

There were volunteers standing inside the cages and helped the children to go near, touch and

feed the animals . Inside the cages there were students who were taking up the cleaning process

with more interest. Suitable implements were kept there and the children who were willing can

join them. They mobilize the green fodder from the nearby pastures, cutting into small chips,

cleaning the dung and urine.

A play area was also provided where lot of good sand was spread and children were enjoying in sand

digging ,heaping and having great fun using small plastic buckets, scoops ,etc . Small tractors, cars ,

trucks etc used in farming were kept for the children to ride in. And also children were motivated to

do kraft work and volunteers were guiding them. Moreover a nutrient value dish containing vegetable

and fruit mix is offered to the children.

See how the learning process is geared up. Awareness is created towards the domestic animals ,

how the animal is, what they eat , what sounds they produce , its friendly nature with human etc.

We well aware that animals play very important role in agriculture, but we don’t properly understand

their behavior. These type of mini zoos promote the children to have a bonding with animals

in their life and also start learning of using tools and machineries in the farm. A small entrance

fee is collected but the knowledge and joy we receive is long lasting .

I come to the point to discuss. We can see so many animals roaming in the streets which often eat

unwanted and unhygienic feed. Now so many Koshala is started to take care of the animals. Knowledge

about the animals has to be started from the young age .

If anyone have visited places like this in INDIA , please share .

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Knowledge about the animals has to be started from the young age .

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